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Online Sales Training

Learn step by step what it takes to generate leads, prospect effectively, set up a sales process, negotiate and follow up to maximize your revenues!room you toward success.

Management Consulting Services

With our comprehensive look at your business, we can provide you with Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Finance solutions tailored to your business.

Trainings and Workshops

Through online webinars, workshops, and private trainings for your team, you can be sure you will get the best strategies for you to use to grow personally, professionally, and financially.

Marketing Agency

Marketing your business is superior to any other action you take. If no one knows you, how can they do business with you? We've provided you with all the tools you need and support you marketing done-for-you package that fits every stage of business.

Business Bootcamp

Your business and your team need a boost and a shake! Bring them to our next bootcamp or schedule your private bootcamp.

Sales and Marketing Execution Workshop

Your sales are plummeting, and your marketing strategies are non-existent. Come to our next workshop or schedule you private workshops.

Private Business Coaching

Partnering with a business coach is like un-boxing your mind. You will learn proven strategies in sales, marketing, and finance that will groom you toward success.

Group Coaching

Learn all you need to know about the five pillars of business growth: Mindset, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance with your peers in a group setting.




Testimonials from Clients

Andy Cruz, Accountant and Property Management Company Owner

“What can I say about Marie? She is awesome! I have never worked with someone who has been better at being able to open my brain to so many great ideas and a better mindset. I am extremely grateful for the service and positive changes that Marie has been able to provide me over the last year! Thanks Marie!!!"

Joshua Honcoop, Owner of Organic Dog Food Manufacturing Company

Marie's Coaching Session was very helpful. She's helped my business with goal setting and keeping with the vision for the future. Highly recommended."

Perla Peralta, Owner of Event Production Company

"...It was so helpful to spend an hour and a half with her and go down all the assessments that she provided me with. I was able to prioritize what those to-dos were and create some really great goals that, as I said, were always on my to-do list in the back of my mind, but now a 90-day gameplan that I didn't have before, and that's all thanks to this one on one I had with Marie. I look forward to spending more sessions with her and meeting my goals. So thank you so much Marie. I truly recommend her coaching services, and I hope you all find it as helpful as I did"

Bruno Cattorini, CEO of a Real Estate Development Company.

For quite a while, I was looking for a methodology that would help me streamline our work process and maximize our productivity. I met coach Marie Marie, who has been helpful to our organization. She has much experience and a unique perspective on how management should be organized. Working with her, we embarked on an exciting journey of self-improvement and business development. We implemented new strategies, new techniques, we learn how to manage your time more efficiently, how to prioritize your tasks, strategically, how to foster a work environment, where communication and collaboration are thriving. The result increased productivity, enhanced team synergy, and resulted in a significant boost in our profits. But more than that, we created a working culture that motivates us to do our best on, you know, daily. So, this is not just a success story about increasing your profits, but it's just a testament to what a company can achieve with the proper guidance and the willingness to learn to adapt and grow. So, at Portland Tech, some development, we've seen firsthand how the right coaching can elevate your business to the sky's limit. So, thank you, Coach.

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